vol. 5, no. 1 (2009)
ADDU-SAS Graduate Research Journal

Publisher: Ateneo de Davao University

Potential Citation/s: 709

Category: Women's Studies |

ISSN 2094-1722 (Print)

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Masteral Abstracts

Pinoy cyborg sexualities | Chatroom masculinities | Self-ascribed identities | Ephemeral selves

Alvin S. Concha

Discipline: Genetic Engineering, Sexuality, Gender Studies

A discourse analysis of CNN and BBC narratives on “Islamic terrorism” post 9/11: implications on international peacebuilding

Allan V. Villanueva

Discipline: Peace, Development, Media

School-based urban legends of Davao City: structure, classification, purpose and values

Janice Joy Wong Chiongson

Discipline: Education, English, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Balatay Lumena: Epiko ng mga Maguindanaon sa Balabak, Pikit, Cotabato

Fairuz M. Dalandangan

Discipline: Education, Filipino, Sociology, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

An Investigative Study on the Kilowatt-hour Meter on Residential

Venus M. Teves

Discipline: Electrical, Engineering

Collaborative concept mapping and the academic achievement of Biology students in Ecology

Ivy B. Yecyec

Discipline: Biology, Education, Cognitive Learning

Collaborative learning in Natural Science 1

Rachel A. Virtuadazo

Discipline: Biology, Education

Three teaching methodologies and academic performance of integrated Science 1 students

Chuchie M. Ferrando

Discipline: Education, General Science

Supplemental readings and workbook in Mathematics IV

Enrico B. Abo

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

Attitudinal factors and mathematical learning ability

Sherlina A. Agcopra

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

The adaptation of the Dynamic Learning Program

Mary Grace A. Basilio

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

The influence of teacher quality on students’ performance

Yvonne B. Magsayo

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

College Algebra Achievement Predictors

Jane S. Samonte

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

Performance determinants of third year students in Mathematics

Vun Leeu Ween Q. Romerde

Discipline: Mathematics, Education

Construction of a model apparatus for the lecture- demonstration of the human eye

Ana Julia P. Enero

Discipline: Physics, Education

Abundance and distribution of echinoids in Island Garden City of Samal

Geraldine Nina Rocel D. Andas-libron

Discipline: Biology

Antimicrobial-resistance patterns of Salmonella spp isolated from broiler chicken meat sold in Davao City

Aileen Grace L. Ang

Discipline: Biology

Nematode diversity in mangrove ecosystems

Rachel Tadeo Cabangbang

Discipline: Biology

Philippine eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi breeding biology, diet, behavior, nest characteristics, and longevity estimate in Mindanao Island

Jayson C. Ibanez

Discipline: Biology, Zoology

Developing a reusable H.323-based OLE Custom Control Component (OCX) for softphones in the Windows platform

Phyll Martin C. Astorga

Discipline: Information Technology

Developing a database resource utilization monitoring system in an Oracle client-server environment

Bren Edward Chua

Discipline: Information Technology

Implementation of VoiceXML in a speech-driven online learning module for oral communication

Mylene E. Sereno

Discipline: Information Technology

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