HomeADDU-SAS Graduate Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2009)

Participation of Maguindanaon Moro community in Alternative Learning System Management

Alimen W. Sencil

Discipline: Developmental Studies



The study uses participatory research methods to analyze the Alternative Learning System (ALS) implementation in the Maguindanaon community. Results show that the stakeholders, particularly the Maguindanaon community

members, do not regularly participate in the program because of (1) the strong religious influence of Islamic groups or other sectors to support only a purely culture- based program; (2) the DepEd’s premature turnover of the program to the municipal local government units resulting to limited technical and financial assistance and; (3) the scarce human and financial resources of the District Department of Education leading to limited promotions, inadequate support for the conceptualization of the modules and insufficient trainings for the community.

The study recommends that the stakeholders collaborate in a participation design based on the (1) harmonization of program operation policies and strategies wit the cultural beliefs and practices of the community; (2) assumption of roles by the stakeholders based on their individual interest and capacity; (3) enhancement of the stakeholders’ skills to ensure effective and efficient performance of their roles in the program; (4) institutionalization of a convergence system that will promote complementation among stakeholders during the management process; (5) establishment of participation conditions that will stir up program implementation; and (6) institutionalization of local initiatives for fund sourcing and human resource augmentation to ensure program sustainability.