HomeADDU-SAS Graduate Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2009)

The dynamics of culture, family, personality and the formation of motivational orientations of college seminarians

Perseus D. Gonzales

Discipline: Education, Education Administration



This study investigates the dynamics of culture, family and personality factors in relation to the formation of motivational orientations of college seminarians enrolled at St. Francis Xavier College Seminary,

Davao City and Queen of Apostles College Seminary, Tagum City during the school year 2006-2007.

Data sources include results from the “Culture, Family, and Motivation” (CFM) survey and the “Manchester Personality Questionnaire” 9MPQ 14.2). as well as interviews and the Focus Group Discussion (FGD).

The interview and FGD provide insights into the influence of the factors on the formation of motivational orientation of the participants.

Findings of this investigation reveal that commitment orientation to be most common. The family is most influential factor to formation, providing moral and spiritual support to inspire the seminarians to continue despite the difficulties. Findings also reveal that culture is the most possible factor that influence the formation of function orientation with them. “Sub-culture in the priesthood,” technology, superstitious beliefs; and mass media are the current cultural trends that also influence them. The formation of status escape orientation, on the other hand, is barely discerned in the study. It can possibly be inferred, however, through the demographic data, that most participants come from low income families and from rural settings.

However, this study also found that individual traits can hardly determine the influence of personality factor on formation of any category of motivational orientation. Their preferences on the personality type of priests that they like to emulate and their distaste for the strict and exacting character of some have challenged them. They claim that there is no ideal personality type that is best suited for priesthood.