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Going Beyond the Four Walls through Asynchronous Discussion Forum: Basis to Instructional Enhancement

Josephine Luz S. De Leon | Dynah D. Soriano | Ranie B. Canlas | Reymond Q. Fajardo | Janice M. Martinez

Discipline: Education Administration, Social Studies



The study aimed to investigate the learning experiences of the students as they get involved in an Online Discussion Forum (ODF) using the asynchronous format and focuses on the interrelation of factors such as students’ academic self-efficacy, motivation, reflective thinking, attitude towards social networking, and facilitating discourse. Furthermore, the study sought to recommend a model design that may lead to instrument enrichment through virtual learning network. To evaluate the learning experiences of students from ODF, a descriptive correlational design was used. It was conducted using a social networking discussion forum that was assessed as the available and commonly used site. Students were given a week to answer open-ended questions/topics that were posted in the ODF and the mechanics was explained in a live classroom. A total of 183 functional responses were collected for the study. Respondents were not aware that they are under a study to encourage them to work at their pace and interest. After the ODF, the instructor administered the survey questionnaire, and interviews were also made as part of course evaluation. The result revealed that only three variables specifically academic self-efficacy, reflective thinking, and motivation in participating in ODF, tends to predict perceived learning experiences. The proposed model was created to support several discussion forums by several moderator accounts. The model may support interconnection among moderators, contributors and registered users. Expanding the network model will serve as a basis for university-wide virtual learning network.

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