HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 12 no. 1 (2015)

Development of an Alumni Database for a University

Jonathan O. Etcuban | Dennis S. Durano

Discipline: Education



Databases for alumni are vital to every learning institution. The data and information are needed by the school to communicate, verify, archive and research the alumni. These are also used to validate the gap between the knowledge and skills possess by the graduates and the required qualifications needed by industries. It determined the effectiveness of instructions in the college and achievement of its graduates. The study aimed to design and develop an alumni database of the University of Cebu that would provide solutions to problems in tracing alumni. The proposed system would enable users to register as well as generate information for the purpose of tracing the whereabouts of the alumni. The descriptive developmental method was utilized, and two sets of researchers made questionnaires were administered to 95 respondents. Percentages, ranks, and weighted means were used in the treatment of the gathered data. The alumni database was developed based on Commission on Higher Education – Graduate Tracer Study survey questionnaire and was tested by the users based on user-friendliness, system security, and accessibility. The study revealed that an alumni database system is by far a better tool, cost-saving, and time-saving mechanism than the traditional method of recording data. It will also streamline the university’s concern for assisting alumni in disseminating relevant developments to other stakeholders around the globe. The developed alumni database system is highly recommended for use.