HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 12 no. 1 (2015)

English Proficiency Training Program for Pre-Service Teachers: Development and Validation

Honorato R. Patubo

Discipline: Education Administration



This study determined the effectiveness of the English Proficiency Training Program for Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English, Mathematics, Filipino, Biological Sciences, Physical Science, and MAPEH; Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Education and Early Childhood Education, and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education major in Technology and Livelihood Education and Automotive Technology pre-service teachers at the University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City, School Year 2012-2013. It likewise looked into the English professors’ assessment of the program and the pre-service teachers’ level of English proficiency before and after undergoing the program.


Data gathered using the English Proficiency Test and the Survey Questionnaire were treated using frequency, rank and percentage, mean, Kendall Coefficient of Concordance, and t test.


The following were the findings: a) the breadth of the respondents’ errors reflects the need to address their language deficits; b) the Training Program was Very Highly Acceptable; c) the evaluators have similar assessment of the Training Program, and d) the English Proficiency of the pre-service teachers improved after undergoing the Training Program.


Based on the results, the following are recommended: a) English teachers should give pre-service teachers more fun-filled drills to reinforce the latters’ grammar, pronunciation, and fluency; b) the English Proficiency Training Program for pre service teachers be adopted for use; c) others should evaluate the program for further enrichment, and d) the program be used to other respondents to confirm its effectiveness.

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