HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 3 no. 1 (2013)

Compliance to Prenatal Care among Mothers in Santa, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Evelyn Aguilo Claudio | Mercedes Palo Anicas | Marjorie Borje Ridao | Epifania Marlene Refuerzo Purisima | Claudine Cecilia Almachar Alarde

Discipline: Health, Family and Relationships, Women’s Studies



Compliance to prenatal care is one way of improving maternal health according to the Department of Health, which is related to the fifth Millennium Development Goals. The study aimed to determine the compliance to prenatal care among the 93 pregnant mothers from all the local communities in Santa, Ilocos Sur during calendar year 2012. The study utilized the descriptive-correlational method of research. The main instrument of this study is a questionnaire. The data gathered were treated and interpreted using frequency and percentage, mean and simple linear correlation analysis. Results of the study revealed that the level of awareness on the importance of prenatal care among the respondents is “Very High” and that the level of compliance to prenatal care is “Low”. However, the level of compliance to prenatal care yielded a significant relationship with the number of pregnancy, age of gestation in weeks, broadcast media and print media. Moreover, the distance from the residence of the respondents to the hospital showed an inverse significant relationship with the level of compliance to prenatal care. In conclusion, the “low” compliance to prenatal care indicates that the aim of DOH to at least have four antenatal care visits to improve maternal health was not achieved.