Article List (w/ Women’s Studies Discipline)

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An Exploratory Concept Mapping of Women’s Understanding of “Kalaswaan” (Lewdness) Based on EDSA Billboards

Hernandez, Ma. Angelica Francesca | Limpin, Raisa | Ponferrada, Rosario | Mosquera, Riza Flor

Discipline: Advertising, Women’s Studies

Female Warriors in GMA TV Fantasy Programs vis-à-vis the Fantasy Wars of GMA the President: Reflections on Simulated Women Engaged in Simulated Violence

Contreras, Antonio P.

Discipline: Political Science, Humanities, Women’s Studies, Feminism

Family Support, Work Condition and the Practice of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Health Care Providers in Lagos Metropolis

Adenrele, Haastrup E. | Femi, Adeogun J. | Lordson, Darki O.

Discipline: Public Health, Women’s Studies

Compliance to Prenatal Care among Mothers in Santa, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Claudio, Evelyn Aguilo | Anicas, Mercedes Palo | Ridao, Marjorie Borje | Purisima, Epifania Marlene Refuerzo | Alarde, Claudine Cecilia Almachar

Discipline: Health, Family and Relationships, Women’s Studies

Surviving to Live: Stories of Filipina Entertainers

De Dios, Aurora Javate

Discipline: Women’s Studies

Rizal's Stand on Women and the Youth

De Jesus, Roland A.

Discipline: Women’s Studies

Women in Philippine Movies: Republic Act No. 9208

Acosta, Ma. Margarita A.

Discipline: Women’s Studies, Feminism

Women and the Democracy Project: A Feminist Take on Women’s Political Participation in the Philippines

Rallonza, Ma. Lourdes V.

Discipline: Women’s Studies, Feminism

Resolution of the Psychological Association of the Philippines on Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women (VAW)

Psychological Association Of The, Philippines

Discipline: Psychology, Women’s Studies

Dynamics of Abuse: Case Studies of Five Filipino Battered Women

Estrellado, Alicia F. | Salazar-clemena, Rose Marie

Discipline: Law, Women’s Studies

The Role of the University in Changing Women's Consciousness

Quito, Emerita S.

Discipline: Education, Women’s Studies

Asia-Pacific Social Science Review

Osteria, Trinidad S.

Discipline: Women’s Studies

Kababaihan sa Kasaysayang Pampook: Pananaw, Paksain, Pamamaraan

Jose, Mary Dorothy d.

Discipline: Social Science, History, Humanities, Women’s Studies, Local History