HomeThe Manila Journal of Sciencevol. 3 no. 2 (2000)

Diterpenes from the Soft Coral Clavularia inflata (Coelenterata, Octocorallia, Stolonifera)

Glenn V. Alea | Consolacion Y. Ragasa

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Chemistry



Three diterpenes were isolated from the dichloromethane extract of the Stolonifer Clavularia inflata. The structure of (3S,4S)-clavulara-l (15), 17- diene-3,4-diol 1 was elucidated by 1 D and 2D NMR spectroscopy while the structures of (4R)-clavulara-l(l5),17-diene-4-o1 2 and (lR,4R)clavulara- 17-ene-l,4-dioI3 were determined by comparing their proton NMR spectra with those previously reported.