HomeLagumlalang: A Refereed Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesisvol. 1 no. 2 (2012)

The Impacts of Sustainable Low Carbon Transport Academic Community

Rosanna Lacad | Patrick Dalmacio | Analiza Pangilinan | Nicholo Francisco | Keeshia Cuesta | Glenn S. Banaguas

Discipline: Environmental Studies



The transportation sector is one of the greatest greenhouse gas (e.g. carbon dioxide etc.) emitters, which seemingly contributes to environmental cataclysm. In this study, the quantification and modeling of carbon dioxide was done in order to determine how much CO2 is emitted per year. A significant portion (about 98%) of these transportation emissions is from two major subsectors: the private users; and (b) the public commuters. Public commuters dominated the CO2 equivalent with an estimated value of more than 90% of the total transportation emissions.  Mitigating measures such as carbon sequestration were done to offset the carbon footprint. A hundred year period (from 2011 to 2111) was forecasted in this study using Quantum Geographic Information Systems (QGIS).