HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 4 no. 1 (2012)

Professionalizing Human Resources: A Response to the Increasing Onslaught of Technology

Aniceto R. Rialubin



Professionalizing human resources is a vital response to the increasing onslaught of technology. Specifically, this study sought to determine the extent of qualification standards used among the engineer respondents as compared to Civil Service Standards, the management support on the initiation, development, and propagation along Local Scholarship Programs, Computer Training Programs, and Other Measures to beef up the existing capabilities of the respondents, and the frequency of occurrence on the issues they found in the organization. Qualification standards, management support on measures to beef up the existing capabilities of the respondents, and issues have implication to develop human resources. In support to National and Global Competitiveness and Excellence, the human resources are considered as the ultimate wealth of the nation should be given real priority, more opportunities and support on quality education, relevant training and development to sustain engineering competencies and versatility. Building a high quality and excellent human resources will result to building quality infrastructure projects and a progressive world. Indeed, it’s the engineers responsibility to provide a society with sustainable development not only on technological but in environment terms as well and the increasingly limited resources.