HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Library Marketing: A Promotional Strategy

Marilyn L. Laspiñas

Discipline: Education



The study determined library promotional strategies used by the MLIS students for 2nd semester 2008-2009. This study finds out the professional practices of the MLIS students; the different library promotional strategies; and the impacts of the promotional strategies on to the clientele. The study employed qualitative approach. This method was designed to gather information about the existing promotional strategies with the primary purpose of describing the efficiency in providing quality services to the clientele. There are twenty MLIS students explore with three different types of libraries (school, academic, and special). Results showed that school libraries have monthly bulletin board display. On the other hand, school and academic libraries conduct regular library orientation and instructions, disseminates library guides, brochures, and new acquisitions to the students, faculty, department chairs, college deans, etc. However, the study found out the different library promotional strategies used by the MLIS students. Moreover, the study revealed the awareness of the clientele of the available library services, facilities and equipment, and resources and informed the rules and regulations of the library; 95% of the students and faculty utilized the library; the clientele is independent in using the library facilities and equipment, and in locating the books in the shelves.