HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 9 no. 1 (2014)

Promotion of Cultural Competence in Relation to Affective Commitment of the Faculty in Tertiary Schools in Davao Region, Philippines

Porferia S. Poralan



Teachers’ commitment is identified as one of the most critical factors in the success and future of education. Meanwhile, evidences presented at the UNESCO International Conference on Education in 1996 showed that deterioration of the working conditions of teachers caused demoralization, abandonment of the profession, absenteeism, and negative impact on the quality of education. To determine the relationship between levels of promotion of cultural competence and affective commitment of faculty of tertiary schools in Davao Region was the primary objective of this study, which used the descriptive-correlational method with mean and Pearson r coefficient as statistical tools. The study reveals that there is a high level of promotion of cultural competence in the area of curriculum, faculty, and student services program, research and development, and community extension program. Activities promoting cultural competence were highly observed in the tertiary schools in Davao Region. It was also found that the level of affective commitment of the faculty was high in terms of perceived organizational support, organizational commitment, organizational rewards, procedural justice, and direct supervisor’s support.