HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 29 no. 1 (2008)

Technological Resources, Knowledge and Skills of the Basic Education

Marion Jude M. Gorospe

Discipline: Education Administration



This study used the descriptive method of research to identify the technological needs of teachers in the basic education units of Miriam College in the adequacy of technological resources, the I.T. knowledge and skills relevant to teaching and the extent of their use in the teaching and related activities.


To get the essential data to answer the problem posed in the study, an inventory, a survey and interviews were conducted.


An inventory of I.T. resources from the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) was administered to check the actual deployment in the basic education units of Miriam College.


Forms were distributed to 155 teachers assigned in the Child Study Center (CSC), Grade School and High School. The survey form was based on a study by Morales (2006) and adapted from the National Educational Technology Standards for teachers (NETS). The survey had three categories of questions; adequacy level of the technological resources available for their use in teaching and teaching-related activities; technological knowledge and skills that teachers possessed; and extent of use of the relevant technological knowledge and skills in teaching and related activities.


Interviews were conducted with the technology officers of the three basic education units and some teachers to provide a better understanding of the results of the survey.


The findings show that technology resources were generally perceived as adequate across units. Also teachers generally possessed advanced level of technological knowledge and skills and their technological knowledge and skills were used to a moderate extent during the lesson planning and designing phase, actual teaching, and assessment and evaluation of learning. There was a significant relationship between the adequacy level of technology resources and the extent of their use in teaching and between the technology skills of teachers and the extent of their use in teaching. There was no significant difference in the technological knowledge and skills of teachers across units but there was a significant difference in the extent of use of technological knowledge and skills of teachers. Grade school and high school teachers showed greater extent of use when compared to the CSC teachers, but certain technological knowledge and skills were found to be wanting. These were skills in CD burning, web design, use of OPAC, spread sheet, video production and desktop publishing.


In the light of these findings, recommendations are proposed to ensure and increase technology integration in the teaching-learning environments for the basic education.