HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 31 no. 1 (2009)

Emotional Skills and Interests of the Hearing Impaired

Jasmin L. Bathan | Ruth Quintillan-bugas

Discipline: Education, Social Studies



This study was conducted in preparation for the development of courses for the hearing impaired. Since occupational success is more highly correlated with EQ than IQ, we needed to identify the emotional needs of the hearing impaired in order to institute intervention strategies that would improve their chance for mainstreaming later.


Five schools participated in this study. The total number of respondents for the EQ was 366, with 192 males and 174 females. Respondents for the interest inventory were 57 males and 55 females.


In the area of interpersonal relations that intervention workshops should be developed to improve the emotional skills of the hearing impaired. The females did better as they moved to higher levels of education; analysis of age group results did not explain the advantage of the females over the males. In general, the Total EQ score for female respondents improve with educational attainment while males do not.


Using two way ANOVAs we found significant differences between males and females on Adaptability and Stress Management. Females with higher educational attainment coped better with changes in their lives and dealt with stress more positively.


The most preferred occupations for males across schools were Clerical, Persuasive, Artistic, and Dramatics. The most preferred occupations for females are Nursing, Saleslady, and Waitress.