HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 33 no. 1 (2010)

Predictors of English, Mathematics, and Science Achievement

Ruth Quintillan-bugas

Discipline: Education, Social Studies



Personality factors from the High School Personality Questionnaire were studied as predictors of English, Mathematics, and Science achievement in a sample of 1,089 Miriam College first year high school students from Miriam College Grade School. When all personality variables were entered into a regression model, Intelligence was the best predictor of English, Mathematics, and Science achievement, followed by Conformity, Emotional Stability, Warmth, Tension, Apprehension, Sensitivity, Cheerfulness, and Self-discipline. This result suggests that aside from cognitive ability, other important personality characteristics, like conscientiousness, emotional stability and warmth, also contribute to school success and eventually to life's success. These students are inclined to be persevering, responsible, cooperative, and emotionally secure.