HomeIAMURE International Journal of Business and Managementvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Synergising for Quality Improvement of Business and Management: International Publications in Asian Countries

Tatik Suryani

Discipline: Business, Management



Journal publications, particularly in the areas of business, management, and accounting need to be improved, not only in quantity but also the quality so that they have long-term usefulness and they can be utilized by other researchers or by public. The number of citations is viewed as one measurement of the quality of a scientific journal. The efforts that encourage quality improvement of the journals also increase the citation number. Again, taking into account the low number of journals in the fields of business, management, and accounting, in the countries of Asia and Southeast Asia, the collaboration and synergy among researchers, research institutions, and publishers is really important. Collaboration and synergy can be stimulated through various conferences and networking done in or during the conferences. Such collaboration can be done and beneficial when it is based on the principle of partnership and mutual benefit.

rs, research institutions and competitors. As a result a flexible and useful innovation process model is presented based on a theoretical framework, empirical studies and S-BPM approach. The given research was held in a frame of the contract № 13.G25.31.0096 with the Ministry for Education and Science of Russian Federation «Creation of hi-tech manufacture of unstructured information processing in cross-platform system on the open source software basis in order to increase management efficiency of innovative activity of enterprises in modern Russia».