HomeIAMURE International Journal of Business and Managementvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Conditions of the Nearby Boarding Houses of a State University In the Northern Philippines: A Benchmark Study

Julius S. Valderama | Joey M. Villanueva

Discipline: Business, Management



The school is responsible in addressing the housing needs of students within or outside the campus for safety and security. The study was formulated with focus on the assessment of the boarding houses near the premises of Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU) in northern Philippines. The boarding houses were assessed along four areas namely basic amenities, safety and security, special services and other boarders’ concerns. Descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, frequency tables, percentages, and mean were used to draw the socio-demographic profile of the respondents and the basic feature of boarding houses. The researchers were able to identify characteristics of sound/good boarding house like; spacious receiving room; tidy and orderly cooking area. The researchers recommended the following practices to ensure safety of the student occupants; there should be a proper monitoring of occupants’ activities; there should be an enforcement of a contract; there should be a regular meeting, checking and implementation of house rules and regulations are properly observed, and counseling is done when needed; strict implementation of outsiders being not allowed to enter the boarding house without permission from the owner. Further, the university should regularly monitor the conditions of the boarding houses to ensure the safety of the student occupants.