HomeIAMURE International Journal of Business and Managementvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Managerial Competencies for Market Leadership

Rolando B. Navarro | Cristina R. Bundoc

Discipline: Business



One of the most essential components of a business is the competency of its leadership. The dynamics of managerial competencies is a complex process that necessitates commitment from every level of an organization. This paper ventured to determine the level of managerial competencies of owners/managers in select restaurants in the Heritage City of Vigan, Philippines. It utilized a descriptive-correlational method of research. The profile of the restaurant managers were looked into. Likewise, the respondents were also asked to assess their managerial competencies along planning, organizing, directing and controlling. A total of 30 business establishments/ restaurant managers and 118 workers served as respondents of this study. The data were tallied, analyzed and interpreted using frequency count and percentage, weighted mean and Pearson product moment of correlation. Findings showed that majority of the restaurant managers are dominated by females, married and BS Degree holders. Most of them are aged between 46-55, finished Business Education courses and had been a manager for about 5 years. The “effective” level of managerial competencies exhibited by the restaurant managers of Vigan City is an indication that they performed efficiently along planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Furthermore, the non-correlation of the respondents’ profile and their competencies would mean that regardless of their profile, this may not affect their marketing strategies and performance as managers.