HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 39 no. 1 (2006)

Exploring Differences in Work Attitudes of Professionals in Family and Non-Family Businesses

Farida R. Pangan | Ma. Regina M. Hechanova | Edna P. Franco | Ricardo H. Mercado | Carmelo V. Lopez

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Business Management



Professionals in family businesses are reputed to experience unique opportunities and challenges. This study compared work attitudes of professionals in family and non-family run businesses. Analysis of survey data collected from 206 participants revealed that professionals in family-run businesses were more empowered, satisfied with their jobs and careers and committed to their organizations compared to employees in non-family businesses even when age, job level, organizational tenure, and firm size are controlled. We suggest that family businesses may have cultures that resonate with values of Filipino workers.