Ma. Regina M. Hechanova

Affiliates: Ateneo de Manila University

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Internet Usage from a Generational Perspective

Ignatius, Joe Sanjay | Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.

Discipline: Psychology

“Bakit Ka Kumakayod?” Developing a Filipino Needs Theory of Motivation

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Co, Trixia Anne C. | Pleyto, Vincent Jullian Z.

Discipline: Psychology

Negative Self-Identity, Autonomy Support, and Disclosure Among Young Filipino Gay Men

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Rances, Orlando T.

Discipline: Psychology

Attitudes of Psychology Graduate Students toward Face-to-Face and Online Counseling

Teh, Lota A. | Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Acosta, Avegale C. | Garabiles, Melissa R. | Alianan Jr., Arsenio S.

Discipline: Psychology

A Model for Filipino Work Team Effectiveness

Teng-calleja, Mendiola | Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Alafriz, Cristina A. | Pesigan, Ivan Jacob A.

Discipline: Organizational Culture

Employee Readiness for Change Through the Lens of the Cultural Self-Representation Theory

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Ilac, Emerald D. | Ellorenco, Sarah B.

Discipline: Sociology, Human Resources Management

Deconstructing Emotional Labor

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.

Discipline: Sociology, Organizational Culture

Work-Family Conflict, Stress, and Satisfaction among Dual-Earning Couples

Ortega, Renee Ann L. | Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.

Discipline: Psychology, Social Studies

Exploring Differences in Work Attitudes of Professionals in Family and Non-Family Businesses

Franco, Edna P. | Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Pangan, Farida R. | Mercado, Ricardo H. | Lopez, Carmelo V.

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Business Management

State of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in the Philippines

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M.

Discipline: Psychology

Dissecting the Glass Ceiling: Leadership Stereotypes and Gender Discrimination as Perceived by Filipino Managers

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Lim, Abigail Ruthchin L.

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies

Job-fit: Its Drivers and Outcomes among HR Practitioners

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Lanuza, Godofredo A.

Discipline: Human Resources Management

Technophobia and the Filipino Worker

Hechanova, Ma. Regina M. | Dioquino Jr., Manuel C.

Discipline: Psychology, Organizational Culture