HomeΦιλοσοφια: International Journal of Philosophyvol. 14 no. 1 (2013)


Vasily Vasilievitch Markhinin

Discipline: Philosophy, Linguistics



The contemporary meaning of the concept FILOSOFIA is not quite clear, especially because of the vagueness of the meaning of the ancient Greek word sofia. Departing from the etymological research of Vladimir N. Toporov, we stress the synonymy of the words sofia (wisdom) and tecnh (art) in some contexts. These words act as synonyms in the mythological conception of the cosmos. According to this conception, both sofia and tecnh mean wisdom as a characteristic of the mind in relation to the origin of the cosmos. The word óïößá is related to cosmic self-generation while the word tecnh, to cosmic creation.


Our research shows that the meaning of “sophia-wisdom” either includes or is included in the meaning of “techne-art.” We come to the conclusion that the word FILOSOFIA reveals the problematical character of wisdom, which is cognitive in principle. Does sofia depend on tecnh, or vice-versa? And does the cosmos originate from self-generation or from creation? These questions are a preview of what later became an issue in philosophy.