HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 32-33 no. 1-2 (1988)

Internal Migration in the Philippines: A Historical Perspective

Marietta P. Alegre | Hector B. Morada

Discipline: Social Science, History, Political Science



Migration, especially in the process of regional economic development, urbanization and industrialization, is both an important cause and effect of soical and economic change" (Shaw, 1975: 1). It remains as a significant factor in the observed regional differentials in the growth of the population within a country. This results from the tendency of people to move to areas where their services are believed to be needed or where they believe they can avail of better opportunities and resources. However, since migration is selective of specific sectors of the population, it can effect significant changes not only in the size but also in the composition as well, both of the populations of the areas of origin and destination, even in a short period of time. Hence, patterns of population movements are also viewed as indicators of the disparity in the distribution of socioeconomic problems among regions and serve as inputs to development planning activities.