Article List (w/ Political Science Discipline)

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Thinking About Political Problems and Its Relationship to Political Attitudes: A Social Cognitive Approach

Sanchez, Raffy Jones | Porcil, Jim Rey | Davide, Sergen Corazon

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science, Sociology

Leaving Politics Behind: Arendtian and Hegelian Reading of Hobbes

Malabed, Rizalino N.

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Voices Echoing the Plight of the Rural Poor: The Second Mindanao Rural Congress

Aga, Nelia B. | Mejica, Danilo L.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

Anatomy of Immorality in Public Service

Manapat, Lincoln A.

Discipline: Political Science

911: Anthropology to the Rescue

Toralba, Corazon T.

Discipline: Political Science

E-Governance: Rethinking Public Administration in the Philippines

Fojas, Francisco R. | Fulgar, Ildefonso R.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

The Existentialist Notion of Alienation

Paulsen, Roland

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Identifying the Aspects that Influence the Employment preference of Selected Third Year and Fourth Year CBA students of OLFU-AC for the School Year 2012-2013

Alamag, Ma Lorez | Aniceto, Christian Arvee | Cabatug, Marie Ellen | Garcia, Judith Claire | Lingat, Rowell | Napa, Mariel Ann | Nessia, Jirah | Repolona, Edezai | Yang, Seuingin | Sta Ana, Arsen

Discipline: Economics, Political Science

The Foreign Policy of President Ferdinand Marcos: From Traditionalism to Realism

Resos, Archie B.

Discipline: Political Science

Analyzing the Economic Costs of Corruption Using a Basic Keynesian Framework: Part 1

Aliño, Juanito B.

Discipline: Political Science

Vote Pricing Spatial Probability Models in the Philippines

Cabardo, Roberto M. | Magallon-avenido, Jessica | Cabillada, Rosario L.

Discipline: Political Science

The Republican Party and Reconstruction

Ignacio, Violeta S.

Discipline: History, Political Science

Building Peace Communities: The Cases of Tierra Madre and Villa Margarita

Biton Jr., Elpidio F.

Discipline: Political Science

Migrants' Influence on the Socio-Cultural and Political Life of the Sama Tribe

Noor, Jefrey Yasin A.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Finding New Paths to Peace: Ancestral Domain and Moro Self-Determination

Rodil, Rudy B.

Discipline: Political Science

Food Securing Strategies in Conflict Areas: The Aromanon Manobo of Carmen Experience

Sevilla, Vicente

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Imelda Marcos, a Closetful of Shoes, and US Stereotypes of Philippine Political Culture

Sangil, Ann F.

Discipline: Political Science

“A Day as a Banana Republic”

Pullela, Philip

Discipline: Political Science

Not Only in the Philippines: The Oddities of US-Philippines Political Cultures and Rituals

Capili-Medillo, Marie

Discipline: Political Science

Epitome of Political Leadership in Rodrigo R. Duterte

Laya, Mona L. | Marquez, Jason N.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Three Modes of Governance for Mindanao, 1900-1920

Casiño, Eric S.

Discipline: Political Science, Law

The Japanese Presence in Davao

Tiu, Macario D.

Discipline: Social Science, Geology, Political Science, Law, Culture

Knowing the Path and Walking the Path: Government and Religion’s Many Intersections

Bautista, Precious Grace M.

Discipline: Religion, Political Science

Culture of Voting for the Mayoral Post in the Municipality of Tiaong, Quezon in the 2010 Elections

Valencia, Marion M.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

The Role and Impact of Network Governance in the Philippine Political Economy

Bautista, Teodoro Lloydon C.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

Political Obligation in Catholic Social Thought

Zialcita, Jean Paul L.

Discipline: Political Science

Panahilan, Batayan at Paraan Sa Pagpili ng Pinunong Pulitikal ng mga Piling Estudyante Sa Kolehiyo

Javier Jr., Roberto E.

Discipline: Political Science

Global Justice and the Public Sphere: The Dynamics of Fraser’s Critical Theory

Pangilinan, Rafael D.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Theoretical Underpinnings of the Counterinsurgency Strategy Employed in Basilan

Mortela, Krishnamurti A. | Hastings, Jonathan P.

Discipline: Political Science, Law

Amartya Sen’s Plural Conception of Freedom (Its Impact on Institutions, Policy and Individual Agency)

Ibasco, Eda Lou S.

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Ang Neokolonyalismo Bilang Balakid sa Pag-unlad ng Pilipinas

Palma, Reynaldo Y.

Discipline: Political Science, Philippine History

Geronima T. Pecson: First Woman Senator of the Philippines

Corpuz, Carmelita C.

Discipline: Political Science, Philippine History

Voters’ Participation to the Election Activities in Urban Communities in Ozamiz City, Philippines

Bocar, Anna C.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

High Levels of Political Socialization of the Three Generations

Rabaca, Bonnie Hamilton D. | Bagolong, Saidamin P.

Discipline: Political Science

Implementation of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 by the National Labor Relations Commission-Regional Arbitration Branch 10

Ua-o, Amor Lea O.

Discipline: Political Science

Trailblazing Transformative Accountability for High Performing Philippine Prosecutorial Services for the 21st Century

Velasco, Arthur S.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

The Recruitment and Discipline Systems of the Philippine National Police under Republic Act 6975, as Amended

Oliverio-guinto, Natalia F.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Candidates’ Profile and Forums’ Acceptability in the Communities of Sogod, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Arong, Cecilia D. | Arong, Errol Jet D.

Discipline: Political Science

Female Warriors in GMA TV Fantasy Programs vis-à-vis the Fantasy Wars of GMA the President: Reflections on Simulated Women Engaged in Simulated Violence

Contreras, Antonio P.

Discipline: Political Science, Humanities, Women’s Studies, Feminism

Poet of the Revolution: A Neo-Marxist Reading of the Poems of Andres Bonifacio

Galindo, Maribeth Q. | Aleria, John Rey A.

Discipline: Literature, Political Science

Dimensions of Loob: Can Politicians be Used as Exemplars?

Baquiano, Marshaley J. | Dans-lopez, Gilda

Discipline: Psychology, Political Science

Typology and Correlates of Political Participation among Filipinos

Sucgang, Evangeline P.

Discipline: Political Science, Social Studies

Studying Media Bias: Print Coverage of the Top 2004 Presidential Candidates

Muyargas, Moniq M. | Montiel, Cristina J. | Viaje, Archimedes H.

Discipline: Political Science, Media

Equality of What? Why Liberty?

Odchimar, Diego Iii A.

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

A National Ideology for the Filipino: A Proposal

Villacorta, Wilfrido V.

Discipline: Political Science

Teaching History and Political Science: The Need for Relevance and Innovation

Villacorta, Wilfrido V.

Discipline: Education, History, Political Science

Industrial Cooperation and the ASEAN Energy Problem

Abueg, Elmer A.

Discipline: Political Science

Hegel and Malaysia: Dialectics Meets Constitutional Monarchy

Beng, Peter Gan Chong

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: an Overview of the Legislature's Response to the Bases Issue

Teehankee, Julio C.

Discipline: Political Science

Herzen's Russian Socialism and the Slavophiles' Chiristian Communal Socialism

Grevtsova, Elena S.

Discipline: Philosophy, History, Political Science, Culture

Governance in a Postmodern World: Challenges for Philippine Science and Politics

Contreras, Antonio P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Politics beyond the State: An Inquiry into the Politics of Filipino Everyday and Ordinary Lives

Contreras, Antonio P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Rethinking the Question of Values in an Era of Terrorism

Ekanola, Adebola B.

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Political Science

Ambiguity of Hope: An Analysis of its Status in Politics

Kaelin, Lukas

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

The World State and Distributive Justice

Dogan, Aysel

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science


Rambu, Nicolae

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science


Dagmang, Ferdinand D.

Discipline: Philosophy, Political Science

Food Crisis in the Philippine Revolution: Southwest Luzon, 1896-1902

Ileto, Reynaldo C.

Discipline: History, Political Science

Political Integration in Historical Perspective

Aguilar, Carmencita T.

Discipline: History, Political Science, Philippine History

Internal Migration in the Philippines: A Historical Perspective

Alegre, Marietta P. | Morada, Hector B.

Discipline: Social Science, History, Political Science

An Analysis of Population Data for the Province of Pangasinan in the Spanish Regime

Cortes, Rosario Mendoza

Discipline: Social Science, History, Political Science

The Vegetable Farmers of Nueva Ecija: A Comparative Study of Peasant Economies

Maquiso, Teresita R.

Discipline: History, Political Science, Social Entrepreneurship

A Report on the Economic History of Occidental Mindoro

Lañada, Lariza L.

Discipline: Economics, History, Political Science

Production in the Upland: A Household Level Analysis with a Historical Perspective

Caldeliña, Rowe V.

Discipline: History, Political Science

History of Multinational in Southern Philippines

Mcamis, Robert D.

Discipline: Economics, History, Political Science

Revisiting the Philippine Assembly of 1907: Profiles and Political Careers of Bikolano Assemblymen

Totanes, Stephen Henry S.

Discipline: History, Political Science

The National Power Corporation and the Growth of Iligan as an Industrial City in the South (1936-1977)

Salgado, Geoffrey G.

Discipline: History, Political Science

The Cebuano Plantation Workers of Hawaii in the Early 20th Century, and the Politics of Representation

Kintanar-alburo, Erlinda

Discipline: History, Political Science

"I come from one-time very murdering family": Rehabilitating Moros for the U.S. War Effort

Delmendo, Sharon

Discipline: History, Political Science

Kabaru: The Impact of Infrastructure Development and Armed Conflict in the Economic Life of a Mindanao Community

Lacar, Luis Q.

Discipline: Economics, History, Political Science

The Global Economy: Its Implications on the T'boli

Non, Domingo M.

Discipline: History, Political Science, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Unionism and Productivity in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Efanga, Sunday I. | Ifejiagwa, Caroline O. | Okon, Mfon Aniedi

Discipline: Political Science

Ethnopolitical Conflicts and the ASEAN: Looking Beyond State Sovereignty and Prospect of Regional Stability

Buendia, Rizal G.

Discipline: Political Science

Thaksin and the Challenge of Islamist Militancy in Southern Thailand

Singh, Bilveer

Discipline: Political Science

A Contextualized Approach to the Study of Radical Social Movements

Jimenez, Jaime Mendoza

Discipline: Political Science

Lesson Drawing: The Congruence of Policy Transfer and Benchmarking

Haron, Mahmod Sabri | Mokhtar, Khairiah Salwa

Discipline: Political Science

The CBCP and Philippine Politics: 2005 and After

Abellanosa, Rhoderick John S.

Discipline: Social Science, Religion, Political Science

Effect of District Magnitude on Electoral Corruption under a Block Vote System: The Case of Thailand

Waitoolkiat, Napisa

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science, Politics

Renewable Energy (RE) Sector Development in the Philippines Based on the Perspectives and Experiences of Selected Industry Managers

Taguibao, Jalton Garces

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science, Economic Development

Brazil’s Bolsa Familia and the Philippines “4Ps” CCT Programs: Considering South–South Cooperation for Social Protection

Curry, Mark Stevenson | Cadiogan, Airah Tauli | Giugliano, Rogério Gimenes

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Establishing the ASEAN Economic Community Through Investment Integration

Rivera, John Paolo R. | Lagdameo, Beatrice Regina S.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science, Asian Studies

Sources of “Sandwich Coalitions”: Distributive Strategies and Democratic Politics in India, Thailand, and the Philippines

Swamy, Arun

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Reimagining Federalism in India: Exploring the Frontiers of Collaborative Federal Architecture

Sharma, Chanchal Kumar

Discipline: Political Science

A Decade of Reforms in the Philippine Power Sector: A Price-Concentration Analysis on the Whole Sale Electricity Spot Market

Poquiz, John Lourenze S.

Discipline: Economics, Business, Political Science

Hobbes' Political Theory and the New Global Order

Offor, Francis

Discipline: Political Science, Political Philosophy

Poverty as Statescraft: Preliminary Reflection on African Leadership

Afolayan, Adeshina L.

Discipline: Political Science, African Politics, Leadership

History, Structure, Policies, and Processes: Understanding Poll Modernization Law

Pangilinan, Rafael D. | Mala, Farrahmila A.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Political Onanism and Scepticism in a Democratic Country

Igboin, Benson O.

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Political Science

Responsibility and Spatiality: Or can Jean-Luc Nancy Sit on a Bench in Hannah Arendt’s Public Space?

Vandeputte, Kathleen | Devisch, Ignaas

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Political Science

Nehemiah’s Reform in Israel: A Challenge for Nation-Building

Olanisebe, Samson O. | Olaniyi, Abiola A.

Discipline: Political Science, Politics

Globalization and Value System

Afisi, Oseni Taiwo

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

The Institution of Traditional Rulers and Its Adaptive Capacity

Edo, Victor Osaro

Discipline: Political Science

Reconceptualizing Justice in the Globalizing World

Peter, Osimiri

Discipline: Social Science, Technology, Political Science

Ang Dominanteng Uri ng Pulitika Sa Filipinas: Bakit Hindi na Kailangan ang mga Dominanteng Pulitiko

Holmes, Ronald D.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Pagbubura ng mga Pagitan sa Pagitan (Rebyu ng Between Homeland and the Diaspora: The Politics of Theorizing Filipino and Filipino American Identities)

Nuncio, Rhoderick V.

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

Political-Economic Impact of TIP Within its Vicinity

Estoque, Ronan S.

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Political Science

Relationship of Economic, Political and Social Conditions in the Lives of TIP Students

Corpuz, Ronald M. | Cebreros, Nazario L.

Discipline: Economics, Education, Social Science, Political Science

Domestic Political Change and Ethnic Minorities – A Case Study of the Ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia

Amer, Ramses

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

The Philippines and the West

Gonzalez, Salvador R.

Discipline: Political Science

Theoretical Underpinnings of the 1991 Local Government Code: An Economic Perspective

Goce-dakila, Cristela

Discipline: Political Science, Business and Economics


Porley, Julius L. | Gabito, Sherman Louis

Discipline: Political Science