HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 49 no. 1-4 (2003)

The Pulahan Milieu of Samar

Daniel C. Talde



This study will discuss the so-called home ground of the Pulahanes and its influence on the emergence of the movement. The emergence of the movement may be linked to various factors, namely, geographic, economic, socio-cultural, and political factors that were prevailing at that time. The rate of its proliferation and the rhythm of the movement may be determined by the degree of the abuses perpetrated by the landlords, merchants, and the municipal officials against this group. This feeling of isolation and dejectedness is compounded by the frequency of typhoons and other calamities that struck the place and its inhabitants.


In this study it is apparent that the extent and height of the movement's existence are linked to periods and areas of weak state control and severe economic hardship. Both were aggravated by the rugged topographical features and hostile climatic conditions that encouraged the Pulahan to organize themselves and wage an armed resistance against an established authority.