vol. 49, no. 1-4 (2003)
The Journal of History


The Journal of History is the official publication of the Philippine National Historical Society (first named Philippine Historical Society), an organization of historians and practitioners of history, organized in February 1941. It is a nationally refereed journal that publishes selected papers from the National Conferences on National and Local History of the Philippine National Historical Society which have been recommended by an Editorial Advisory Board. The Journal publishes articles on local/regional and national history presented by young and upcoming scholars as well as recognized historians and other specialists on Philippine culture and society. It promotes studies of local history in the context of national history and encourages multidisciplinary study in related social science disciplines. All the articles in the following journal issues of The Journal of History are for open access:

Publisher: Philippine National Historical Society

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Matapos ang Kolonyalismo, Bago ang Diktadura: AngSistema ng Edukasyon sa Pilipinas, 1946-1972

Francis A. Gealogo

Discipline: History

Katagalugan Historiography: Historical Sources, Current Trends, and Future Prospects

Francis A. Gealogo

Bibliographic Annotations on the Philippine Revolutionary Documents at the U.S. T. Archives: A Continuing Study

Maria Eloisa Parco-de Castro

Using Historical Content For The Teaching Of English

Thomas J. Kral

Discipline: History

Voices from the Margins: Local History and Indigenous People

Maria Nela B. Florendo

The Parameters for Writing Muslim Filipino Literary History

Calbi A. Asain

Artistic Norms and Political Standards-Issues in the Writing of a Philippine Literary History

Delfin L. Tolentino Jr.

Reorienting the Filipino Architect

Norma I. Alarcon

The Province of Laguna in the Writing of Philippine National History

Gil G. Gotiangco Jr Ii.

The Visayas: Islands in the Seas, A Historical Perspective

Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope

Dapitan Kingdom: A Historical Study on the Bisayan Migration and Settlement in Mindanao, circa 1563

Jonathan B. Catubig

Ontogeny of Civil Towns in Bohol

Jes B. Tirol

The Iloilo River: Development History in a Changing Landscape, 1855-1937

Henry F. Funtecha

The Pulahan Milieu of Samar

Daniel C. Talde

The Filipino-American War in Leyte and Samar: The Local Fronts Mirror-Image the National Experience

Pablo U. Amascual Iii

Presbyterian Protestantism in the City and Province of Cebu from 1901-1938

Emelio S. Pascual

Women with Wings: Imaging the Women in Contemporary West Visayan Poetry

Ferdinand Lopez

Ang Pitoy ni Hudas-Boso Sa Isang Ritwal Bilang Diskurso

Rosario Cruz Lucero

Friendship and the Fear of Poison:A Particular History of 'Blood Compact' Rites (Sandugo) in Eastern Mindanao

Jose S. Buenconsejo

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