HomeAdvancing Radiologic Technology Researchvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Preliminary Determination of the Microbial Count on X-Ray Tables in Selected Hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Edzen A. Espina | Robbie Ringo G. Baguio | Marvs Tadeo D. Balcovero | John Lester S. Barrieta | Dan Engelan Q. Banasihan

Discipline: Medicine, Radiology



This study aimed to determine the microbial count present on x-ray tables utilized during x-ray examinations with patients in Radiology Departments of Cagayan de Oro City hospitals. Particularly, it sought to evaluate and assess the sanitary conditions of these x-ray tables. This study used the evaluation research approach to determine the sanitary level of the x-ray tables. In order to rate the sanitary level, “Collins and Lyne’s Microbiological Method Chapter 17 – Swab” was used as the guide of the study. This method made use of the swab rinse method. The parameter utilized the total plate count which was an estimation of the number of viable cells in a culture. Based on the microbial count results released by DOST, Hospitals A, B, and C yielded microbial counts of 28, 40, and 36 CFU/ cm² respectively while Hospitals D and

E yielded 100 and 164 CFU/cm² respectively. Based on the findings, Hospitals A, B, and C yielded microbial counts that were less than 100 CFU/ cm² and are within the limits established by USPHS, thus, they were considered sanitary. Meanwhile, Hospitals D and E have exceeded the limits and were considered unsanitary.