HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

The Living Conditions of University Students in Boarding Houses and Dormitories in Davao City, Philippines

Ruel A. Brilliantes | Nelia B. Aga | Cesar Iv A. Adegue | Mercelee P. Perez | Adorico M. Aya-ay | Emma V. Sagarino

Discipline: Social Science



Living in a boarding house or dormitory is necessary for students who come from far places. In Davao City, an observable statistics of university students from neighbouring provinces and the city’s outskirts live in these temporary residences. However, reports reveal that these housing facilities, most of the time, fail to consider students’ safety and welfare. This study determined the living conditions of university students in boarding houses and dormitories. This is anchored on the premise that the physical and environmental components of these residential facilities could affect students’ holistic well-being. Data elicited through survey involving five hundred seventy-one (571) respondents and focused group discussion among selected groups of student-boarders/dormers, reveal that a student’s stay in a boarding house and dormitory has significant contributions to his/her personal, social, academic and emotional growth. But, this has nothing to do with the development of his/her spirituality. Results demonstrate further, that respondents have recognized their boarding houses and dormitories possessing good basic housing facilities. However, they felt the deficiency in the provisions of safety and security facilities especially on fire escapes or exits and fire extinguishers. This manifests that most operators have violated some requirements set under the Building Code of the Philippines.