HomeARETEvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Sex and Violence In Media

Suzane Misagal | Tamara Ysabel Pasagui | Arcylie Acabado

Discipline: Journalism, Media studies and Communication



Media exposure can be a manipulative activity for viewers. Evidence now points out that many of the widely held beliefs in this area have been the cause of severe problems, both for youth and society. In view of this, the researchers studied the contribution of Sex and Violence-related media content to the juvenile delinquents. Six selected juvenile delinquents of the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth XI (RCCY XI) who are under the custody of the agency due to their commission of crimes against honor, property and/or person are the respondents. Group discussions and face-to-face interview with each of the informants were done. And after the study was conducted, media content indirectly shape the respondents hostility which prompts when there is presence of extreme anger, physical aggressiveness and easy access to crime materials. Moreover, their commission of the crime is due to other factors such as family orientation and peer influences and not primarily their exposure to the aforementioned media content.