Article List (w/ Journalism Discipline)

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News: Reportage or Reading?

Bantugan, Brian S.

Discipline: Journalism

News and Consciousness: Discursive Treatment of Events in Manila Bulletin and Abante Tonite

Bautista, Cirilo F.

Discipline: Journalism

Unguarded Patterns of Thinking: Physical and Topical Structure Analysis of Student Journals

Carreon, Maria Eda C.

Discipline: Linguistics, Journalism

Bonfire, The New Journalism, and Big Bad Tom Wolfe

Mcniff, John | Lurie, Nancy

Discipline: Journalism

A Semiotic Analysis of Five News Stories in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star

Reyes, Maria Elena C. | Galdo, Mary Ann T. | Mabandus, Reeham B. | Mojica, Tizziana M. | Carvero, Kirk R.

Discipline: Journalism

Respondents’ Perception of Maguindanao after the 2009 Massacre

Deligero, Richelle | Uyanguren, Elenita

Discipline: Journalism, Media studies and Communication

Sex and Violence In Media

Misagal, Suzane | Pasagui, Tamara Ysabel | Acabado, Arcylie

Discipline: Journalism, Media studies and Communication

The Relationship of SMS to the Writing Proficiency of The First Year Education Students of The University of Immaculate Conception

Infiesto Jr., Ruben | Tano, Kenneth Lloyd | Pintor, Maricar

Discipline: Journalism, Media studies and Communication

ANONG BALITA? Notes On The History of Philippine Journalism 1811-1898

Torres, Jose Victor Z.

Discipline: Social Science, Journalism, Media studies and Communication

Community Journalism: Its Roles in Ilocano Language and Culture Preservation

Soria, Jimmy R. | Rabena, Alfredo R. | Tabula, Rommel V.

Discipline: Linguistics, Journalism

A Content Analysis of Crime News in Manila Daily Newspapers

Calderon, Aurelio B.

Discipline: Journalism

Mapanuring Pagsasaling Bayan ng The Aquino Papers na Unang Inilathala sa The Bangkok Post (Pebrero 21-23, 1973)

Navarro, Atoy M. | Campomanes, Alvin D.

Discipline: History, Humanities, Journalism, Social Sciences, Mass Media Studies

Digital Rhetoric in Media: Conceptual Metaphors in Chinese Editorial Stories

Changchao, Liang | Zhenkui, Song

Discipline: Journalism