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The Relationship of SMS to the Writing Proficiency of The First Year Education Students of The University of Immaculate Conception

Ruben Infiesto Jr. | Kenneth Lloyd Tano | Maricar Pintor

Discipline: Journalism, Media studies and Communication



The language is achieving new colors and tones in the world in which we live. Technology has become the buzzword in communication circles. The short message services (SMS) language that is used by cellphone users and the advertising industry has also been discovered to be abundantly used by the learners in their written work. The discovery has promoted one to investigate the impact of this prevalent use, for it is believed that the SMS language is influencing the writing proficiency of learners in a negative way. The purpose of this paper is to explicate how to SMS language affects the writing proficiency of learners and to highlight the challenge the SMS language is posing to both educators in their endeavor to help learners master the English language. It was found that the males do not use complex structure in SMS texting, and the SMS usage of the respondents does not have an effect on their writing proficiency specifically in spelling, grammar and punctuation.