HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Socio-investment, Cultural and Demographic qualities influencing Fertility Behavior in Shiekhupura, Pakistan

Shahid Qayyum | Amber Ayub | Tehmina Ikram Ullah | Fazeelat Naz



This study is archived for the acknowledgment of the socio-budgetary, social and demographic components influencing ripeness conduct. The universe for the present study comprised of provincial and urban ranges of Shiekhupura. In testing system 180 respondents were distinguished and gathered data keeping in perspective the fruitfulness conduct of the individuals, from provincial and urban ranges by utilizing advantageous examining method. An overall organized Interview Schedule was outlined and ready for assembling the information. The gathered data from the distinguished respondents was examined utilizing fitting factual procedures. In perspective of outcomes, it was distinguished a larger part of the respondents affirm that Pakistan populace is expanding quickly because of uninformed of the results whatsoever. Effects exhibit individuals have no significantly more consciousness seeing fruitfulness identified issues besides having much misconstruing in concern of that. A few respondents demonstrated that there is have to mindful the individuals for fruitfulness conduct for the best concern of family and nation. A few respondents who were in the support, recognized that they had not family arranging focuses in their general vicinity because of individuals demonstrated their carelessness in perspective of that. It was practically all the respondents had seen that family arranging is vital for maternal and youngster health, for the best investment of family and nation.