vol. 1, no. 1 (2013)
Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research


The Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is open to the global community of scholars who aspire to have their researches published in a peer-reviewed open access and print journal. The primary criterion for publication in the Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is the significance of the contribution an article makes to the body of knowledge. It is an opportunity particularly for researchers in different field of specializations to share their scientific materials to the global community. The efficiency and effectiveness of the editorial review process are critically dependent upon the actions of both the research authors and the reviewers.

Publisher: Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas

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Category: Materials Science, Multidisciplinary |

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The Effects of Direct Instruction Flashcard System and Model, Lead, and Test on Numeral Identification for a Nonverbal Preschool Girl with Developmental Delays

Lindsay Delong | T. F. T. F. Mclaughlin | Jen Neyman | Wolf Dietrich

The Effects of Model, Lead, and Test with Reward To Teach a Preschool Student with a Developmental and Language Delays to Demonstrate an Understanding of Number Quantity

Anna Mortensen | T. F. T. F. Mclaughlin | Jen Neyman | Barb Girshick

Evaluation and Analysis of Noise Levels at High – Traffic Locations in Gusau, Nigeria

Jacob O. Ebozoje | Edwin A. Umoh

The Differential and Delayed Effects of Model-Lead-Test and Tracing Procedure with Fading Procedure to Teach Drawing of Shapes for Two Preschool Students with Developmental Delays

Kaelin Albade | Hadeel Altharwa | T. F. T. F. Mclaughlin | Jen Neyman | Lisa Rinaldi5 Rinaldi

Diagnostic Test in College Algebra for Freshman Non-Education Students of Westmead International School: Input to Proposed Remedial Activities

Jhemson C. Eliserio

Numerical solution for the flow over a stretchable disk

Sajjad Hussain | Farooq Ahmad | M. Shafique

Learning to Design Geometer’s Sketchpad Activities for Teaching Mathematics through Lesson Study

Cheng-meng Chew

The Effects of Learning Methods and Environmental Knowledge on Age 5-6 Naturalistic Intelligence (Experiment at AR – Ridho Nature Kindergaten Group B Tembalang Semarang)

Diana Mauladin

Coherence in the University Freshmen Liberal Arts Argumentative Essays at De La Salle University: A Case Study

Alphie G. Garing

Socio-investment, Cultural and Demographic qualities influencing Fertility Behavior in Shiekhupura, Pakistan

Shahid Qayyum | Amber Ayub | Tehmina Ikram Ullah | Fazeelat Naz

Integrating Sense of Humor as a Teaching Strategy among Students of LPU-Batangas

Francis Kayode Ashipaoloye

TI-NSPIRE CX Graphing Calculator: Enhancing Students’ Performance in Mathematics Learning

Nor'ain Mohd Tajudin | Noraini Idris

Predicting Anxiety Among Patients in LPU Clinical Dispensary During Dental Treatment: Towards Student’s Clinical Performance Enhancement

Maribel D. Mayuga-barrion

Ang Social Network sa Facebook ng mga Taga-Batangas at ng mga Taga-Laguna: Isang Paghahambing

Jaderick P. Pabico | Jose Rene L. Micor

Work Readiness Skills among Students with Mild Mental Retardation

C. Vanitha | S. Ramaa

In-service Mathematics and Chemistry Teachers’ Preparedness for Mathematics and Chemistry Courses at the University of Botswana: Issues and Challenges

Lesego Tawana | Alakanani A. Nkhwalume

Implementation of a Proposed Model of a Constructivist Teaching-Learning Process – A Step Towards an Outcome Based Education in Chemistry Laboratory Instruction

Paz B. Reyes

Effects of Formation Damage on Productivity of Underground Gas Storage Reservoirs

C.I.C Anyadiegwu | C.M Muonagor

New Efficient Fourth Order Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations

Farooq Ahmad | Sajjad Hussain | Sifat Hussain | Arif Rafiq

Parent Child Relationship Among High and Low Achieving High School Students

Satish Kumar Kalhotra