HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 2 no. 3 (2014)

Religiosity and Attitudes towards Homosexuals among Adolescents

Dr. Lida C. Landicho | Mary Rose G. Aliwalas | Marie Joy B. Buenaventura | Lorylyn M. Rodriguez

Discipline: Social Science



A survey of 120 heterosexual students (with equal no. of male and female) in Batangas was conducted using the Attitudes towards Lesbian and Gay Male Scale (ATLG) and Religiosity Measure Questionnaire. The statistical results indicate that adolescents in Batangas has a mean of 76.71 which correspond an average level of attitudes towards homosexuals, that age, sex and religion doesn’t have an influence on attitudes towards homosexuals, and that no differences exist between religiosity concerning attitudes towards homosexuals. The results are discussed further throughout the study, and suggestions for future research are made.