vol. 2, no. 3 (2014)
Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research


The Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is open to the global community of scholars who aspire to have their researches published in a peer-reviewed open access and print journal. The primary criterion for publication in the Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is the significance of the contribution an article makes to the body of knowledge. It is an opportunity particularly for researchers in different field of specializations to share their scientific materials to the global community. The efficiency and effectiveness of the editorial review process are critically dependent upon the actions of both the research authors and the reviewers.

Publisher: Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas

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Category: Materials Science, Multidisciplinary |

ISSN 2350-8442 (Online)

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Assessment of Environmental Literacy, Concern and Disaster Preparedness Among College Students

Rosario Clarabel C. Contreras

Discipline: Social Science

Acceptability of Native Darag Chicken Menu Variations

Rosario Clarabel C. Contreras | Remedios D. Catamin | Delia A. Paragados | Aileen C. De La Cruz

Discipline: Social Science

Validity of Draw-A-Person Test as a Measure of Anxiety and Aggression Indices Among Schizophrenics of Hospicio de San Juan de Dios

Lovely Lucky A. Evarretta

Discipline: Social Science

Customer Satisfaction on Small Business Loan by BDO Unibank Inc.: Basis for Service Enhancement

Ailen P. Devicais

Discipline: Social Science

Organizational Performance of Batelec I: Basis for a proposed Total Quality Management (TQM) Model

Milagros Angelita T. Manalo

Discipline: Social Science

Employees’ Satisfaction on Training & Development of Atlantic, Gulf, & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc.

Zaldy S. Quizon

Discipline: Social Science

Implementation of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 (RA 9344): Inputs to Policy Amendments

Freddy E. Bilog

Discipline: Social Science

Postmodernism as a Social Science Methodology: Comments on Haugerud’s Representation of Kenya

John Koskey Chang’ach

Discipline: Social Science

Learning Styles and the Related Variables: A Study of Pre-service Teachers

Sunita Singh | Vinod Kumar Singh

Discipline: Social Science

Digital Anthropometry: Model, Implementation, and Application

Katrina Joy H. Magno | Jaderick P. Pabico

Discipline: Social Science

Teachings on Peace of the 14th Dalai Lama and Selected Literary Philosophers: Implications for Global Peace Education

Maria Luisa A. Valdez

Discipline: Social Science

Parada ng Lechon in Balayan, Batangas Philippines to Honor St. John the Baptist: An Ethnographic Study

Maria Luisa A. Valdez

Discipline: Social Science

Happiness, Leisure and Tourism vs Household Budget in Iran

Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi

Discipline: Social Science

The Manufacturing Sector of Ghana: Are There Any Macroeconomic Disturbances?

Patrick Enu | Emmanuel Dodzi K. Havi

Discipline: Social Science

Effects of Social Media in the Tourism Industry of Batangas Province

Dexter R. Buted | Nancy S. Gillespie | Jandel B. Conti | Bernadeth A. Delgado | Ruth Mae P. Marasigan | Sherkimmie A. Rubico | Sevilla S. Felicen

Discipline: Social Science

Egocentrism and Risk-Taking among Adolescents

Lida C. Landicho | Monique Carla A. Cabanig | Meñonetteshella F. Cortes | Brendalyn B. Villamor

Discipline: Social Science

Organizational Bullying, Professional Jealousies, Power Play, and Gossiping in the Work Place: Basis for Institutional Transformation

Rome B. Moralista | Gabriel C. Delariarte

Discipline: Social Science

Sin Tax Law: Its Effect to Consumption Pattern of Liquor Drinkers and Smokers In Calinog, Iloilo, Philippines

Rome B. Moralista | Gabriel C. Delariarte | Remedios D. Catamin

Discipline: Social Science

Religiosity and Attitudes towards Homosexuals among Adolescents

Lida C. Landicho | Mary Rose G. Aliwalas | Marie Joy B. Buenaventura | Lorylyn M. Rodriguez

Discipline: Social Science

Effectiveness of Basic Safety Training among Cruise Line Students

Dexter R. Buted | Sevilla S. Felicen | John Edzan G. Macatangay | Nafeeza Jeane F. Andal | Kristoffer Nes R. Pangpang | Ma. Christine V. Suayan | Roel V. Pana | Jordel D. De Leon

Performance of Senior Tourism Students in Using Foreign Language

Dexter R. Buted | Relen O. Laisa | Christle M. Barola | Anne Coleen A. Mojado | Joan Rachelle A. Pesigan | Glaiza Jamille C. Canovas

Discipline: Social Science

Promotion of Cultural Heritage in Batangas and Cavite

Dexter R. Buted | Sevilla S. Felicen | Amitainah Marie B. Bancoro | Mc. Eroll C. Maligaya | Jheny Rose P. Panaligan | Mary Ann Reyes | Ross John R. Sandoval

Discipline: Social Science

Universal Intelligent Data Encryption Standards: A Review

Renjith V. Ravi | R. Mahalakshmi

Discipline: Social Science