HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 2 no. 3 (2014)

Promotion of Cultural Heritage in Batangas and Cavite

Dexter R. Buted | Sevilla S. Felicen | Amitainah Marie B. Bancoro | Mc. Eroll C. Maligaya | Jheny Rose P. Panaligan | Mary Ann Reyes | Ross John R. Sandoval

Discipline: Social Science



The study aimed to identify the commonly visited cultural heritage sites in Batangas and Cavite; to assess the cultural heritage sites in Batangas and Cavite in terms of physical, social and economic aspects; and to determine existing promotional patterns of Batangas and Cavite. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. Results showed that the most visited cultural heritage attraction in Taal, Batangas was Basilica of St. Martin de Tours while in Maragondon, Cavite the most visited was Andres Bonifacio Trial House .Blogs, Websites and Facebook are mostly used by the municipality of Taal in promoting their cultural heritage sites. While Cavite sticks to always using leaflets/flyers, brochures as their promotional materials. Cultural heritage sites in both Taal and Maragondon were perceived to have positive results in the assessments based on different aspects such as physical, social and economic aspects. The promotional materials of Taal and Maragondon are often used. A proposed plan of action was made to promote cultural attraction in Maragondon, Cavite and Taal, Batangas.