HomeCLOUDvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

SMS Encryption-Decryption for Nokia Series60 2nd Edition Mobile Phones

Richelle Joy T. Dy | Laleane O. Lim | Daniel Ryan D. Quiño

Discipline: Computer Science



SMS (Short Message Service) is an affordable method of communication. Messages are delivered immediately when desired. SMS is the technology that allows text messages to be received and sent over mobile devices. SMS also allows for unified messaging. This is where SMS can take on a number of different messages formats (including voice mail, e-mail and fax) and allows the users to access them from their mobile device. The primary purpose of this study was to extend the security measures of messages being sent with the use of mobile phones. This paper primary focused on the SMS encryption for mobile communication. The transmission of an SMS in GSM network is not secure; therefore it is desirable to secure SMS by additional encryption. There are compared differences in the use of different encryption algorithms for SMS transfer securing. There is the description of design and implementation of the proposed application for N-series mobile phones, which encrypts and decrypts SMS using three different algorithms to maximize the security of the user’s messages. At the end, there are prototypes on secured SMS and future extension of the application.