vol. 1, no. 1 (2013)


CLOUD is the official journal of student researches of the Information Technology Education Program of the University of the Immaculate Conception. This journal is published annually, and is composed of researches from three different courses offered under the ITE Program: BS in Computer Science, BS in Information Technology (Specialized in Software Engineering, Multimedia, and Computer Networking), and BS in Information Systems.

Publisher: University of the Immaculate Conception

Potential Citation/s: 1954

Category: Computer Technology & Information Systems | Information Technology & Communications Systems | Computer Science, Information Systems |

ISSN 2244-6451 (Online)

ISSN 2244-6435 (Print)

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Computer Science

An Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Algorithm in the Construction of Automatic Fish Feeding Mechanism

Maricel C. Lim | May Grace B. Papacoy | Jessel C. Razonable

Discipline: Computer Science

Application of Alpha-beta Searching Algorithm and Intelligent Material Evaluation on the Artificial Intelligence Engine of Dama: The Game

Michael Angelo Tarongoy | Rodrigo Flores Jr. | John Bill Purgatorio

Discipline: Computer Science

The Engineering of the Knowledge Base of the Career Guidance Expert System

Ellen May I. Aguiling | Jackylyn S. Rendon

Discipline: Computer Science

Transforming a Conventional Refrigerator into Smart Refrigerator Using Sensory Motors and Rete Algorithm

Mechelle A. Dimas | Mario Martin A. Garcia | Judelyn L. Tahas

Discipline: Computer Science

The Development of Commercial Car Park Operation through Sensory Motors with Computer Interface and Intelligent Search Algorithm

Irene G. Adlawan | Andrea Mae O. Amantiad | Sheila P. Celi

Discipline: Computer Science

Human-Machine Interaction with Radio Frequency Identification-Based Library System

Kathlynne D. Abueva | Cheryl B. Ambayec | April Love A. Lagura

Discipline: Computer Science

A Traffic Light Control system using Conventional-Dynamic and Intelligent Shifting of Algorithms

Mark Anthony S. Buenaflor | Jonie Gen T. Ponpon | Antonio Iii S. Taleon

Discipline: Computer Science

An Application of Eigenface, Bayes Theorem, and Simplex method in Facial Expression Recognition

Analie J. Maputi | Sunder G. Orjaliza | Marvin Art A. Racsa

Discipline: Computer Science

SMS Encryption-Decryption for Nokia Series60 2nd Edition Mobile Phones

Richelle Joy T. Dy | Laleane O. Lim | Daniel Ryan D. Quiño

Discipline: Computer Science

The Development of Sorting String Algorithm using Pigeonhole Principle

Val G. Balangue | Jennievie S. Bual | Analyn D. Regulacion

Discipline: Computer Science

The Enhancement of the Searching Algorithm Employed In Computer-Based DAMATH Game Using Negamax with Alpha-Beta Pruning Algorithm

Jon Henry Javilles | Melchisedec Rentillo

The Implementation of the Complexities of the Decision-Tree Learning Algorithm in the Game Whiz

Michelle L. Manreal | Carlo V. Mozo | Felcin Lynn J. Saludar

Discipline: Computer Science

An Image-Based Template Matching Recognition using Region of Interest Method and Phase Correlation Algorithm

Krull L. Hibaya | April Bryan L. Cahiles

Discipline: Computer Science

Forecasting Rain Condition through Sensory Approach in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based Engineering Technique with SMS Reporting Application

Jerico Jay A. Arboleras | Rocky John R. Buenaflor

Discipline: Social Science

Reengineering the Construction of the Knowledge Based System of the Computational Determination for the Location of a Radio Frequency Identification Tag to the Human Body: An Enhancement Study

Shwan Robbin A. Matillano | Jonathan I. Sarsuelo

Discipline: Social Science

Human Ethnicity-Based Greeter: An Application of Fisherface and Bayes’ Theorem

Lourdeline G. Plaza | Marvin John B. Zabate

Discipline: Computer Science

Implementation of a License Plate extraction application for Detecting over-speeding Vehicles with Combined Use of Sobel Edge Detection Method and Binarization Algorithm

Reis A. Senoy | Cristine Mae S. Subrader

Implementing an Improved Adaptive Boosting Algorithm for Human Presence Detection on a Dark Environment

Jan Rudolf D. Moncatar | Liezl B. Rejas

Discipline: Information Technology

Short Message Service (SMS) Compression using an Improved Optimization Method and Run Length Encoding Algorithm

Lovelle Shayne P. Delos Santos | Angela M. Jover

Discipline: Computer Science

Information Technology

Computer-Based Enrollment of Advance Tutorial Center

Ciprano Y. Canonigo Jr. | David Antonio D. Doctolero | Sharmayne A. Maranguit | Pearl Sherell T. Tagros

Discipline: Computer Science

Student Offense Management System of the Office of the Student Affairs and Discipline

Cherry Joy M. Abe | Carl Eryan T. Ong | Jonald L. Palma

The Development of Web Application of Student Assessment and Teacher Evaluation

Ivan Paul D. Casinillo | Francis S. Lagare | Cyril M. Madrones | Jan Vincent D. Sanchez

Discipline: Computer Science

Web-Based Records Management and Monitoring Application for a Tutorial Company

Katherine F. Dacanay | Yvonnie B. Marimon | James Leo U. Sabaricos | Wilson T. Golan-go

Discipline: Information Technology

Computer Projector Management System

Aldred Jay O. Donayre | Kristine May V. Genabe | James Anthony G. Legaspi

Guards Scheduling System of FBR

Sherry Grace H. Pagaran | Jose Mari L. Dela Rosa | Mark Lloyd T. Macatumbas

JEYA Food Manufacturing Sales Management and Inventory System with SMS Inquiry

Evan Lloyd C. Gaanan | Jesus V. Luna Iv | Maricel M. Tan

Lakan Pakals Haven Resort Services Management System with Online Reservation

Jason V. Deocampo | Aiza Loraine H. Mencidor | Gretyl S. Misoles | Rheena F. Rosales

Online Booking With SMS-Based Tracking System for MLRS Shipping Agency

Chamberlin V. Alonso | Daryl Kay M. Araneta | Gospel Jay T. Pocot | Erik John R. Salas

Discipline: Information Technology

Records Management Information System with SMS Notification System

Dennies Claro | Karen Keith Libron | Ken Songcayauon | Joyce Masillones

Sales and Stocks Monitoring System with Online Catalogue

Kathreen Glaiza S. Alay | Ryan A. Co | Andrew Neil F. Teoxon | Eduardo B. Santiago

Sales Management and Inventory System of 8 Telcom Business Center

Adrian T. Carado | Jasmin Angeli O. Frigillano | Kurt Roy R. Giger | April Rose Ann D. Kwong

Web Based Collaborative System F ITPO Interactive Solution

Noel G. Albello | Francis M. Albores | Ralph Purgatorio | Keivin Roi C. Tripoli

Web Based Enrollment System with Reservation of Dysas Center for CPA Review

Vonne Megham Alegre | Jocel Desales | Ian Charm Torres

ZYCARE Pharmaceutical Distributor Inventory Control System

Arman Jack L. Alcoberes | Angeli Mae Basas | Karen Precious Y. Liwaya | Harvey T. Villaver

An Ajax-Based Hotel Management System Implementing Three-Tier Architecture Approach

Haniper John B. Camino | Ronald John C. Olalo | Dariza D. Salamo | Lemuel Dominique R. Yap

Automated Account Management System with System with SMS Notification for RNCA

Rheena Joyce L. Barrientos | Archie L. Conarco | Romnick B. Dongiapon | Karen Mae A. Dumag | Renmark G. Sisimar

E-Learning Management System with Screen Share Technology

Jopal Matthew M. Dumanig | Berlin Jade L. Fabio | Mavis Joy C. Ibañez | Hyzel May V. Rendon

Entrance Examination Result Management System Using Xml Technology

Mike Jhonson B. Felisilda | Hervi Clyde V. Jardinel | Junerik O. Lopez | Prince Harry M. Narte | Rudy L. Uy Jr.

Implementing an Ajax-Based Fleet Management System with Zkoss Framework

Abzkan K. Abdul | Keith John M. Laquinon | Jenver Nell D. Puno | Vincent B. Venzal | Patrick John B. Yap

Integrated Sales and Inventory Management System Implemented In Three-Tier Architecture

Joseph Brylle N. Cambronero | Nikko Andrew F. Labadan | Hyla Kay D. Labio | Ralph Jan B. Redoña | Bernil Jane F. Salarda

Inventory Management System with Reorder Triggered SMS Alert

Jay Edward C. Dayday | Mohammad M. Masulot | Charlemagne S. Panes | Jan Benedict O. Pilapil

Laboratory Virtual System Using Barcode in Validation

Paul Mark R. Barsarsa | Sean Lester T. Benitez | Paulique Klaidene J. Ladao | Christopher C. Pelayo | Uzzel Angeline F. Quinco

Payroll System with Daily Time Record Using Bio-Metric Authentication

Felice Grazielle M. Adlaon | Sharellyn U. Enriquez | Paul Laurenz B. Estrebillo | Mark Anthony T. Panganoron | Joseph Rey S. Sator

Payroll System with Loan Management Using Macromedia Flex Extensible Mark-Up Language (MXML)

Hubert P. Bragas | Arn Justin T. Gonzaga | Sofia S. Labawan | Michael E. Sambas | Karlo Jesus O. Sobiaco

Records Management and Billing System for a TV Network Broadcasting With SMS Enabled Notifications

Arbie P. Alcasid | Charisse Mae G. Amborgo | Ed Vincent I. Arrellano | Antonieta A. Emuy | Jayson C. Pandili

SMS and PDU Integration on a Browser-based Sales and Inventory Management System

Earl Jason B. Abellana | John Egon R. Asuncion | Lidel Kim B. Daddie | Jan Roland A. Delmo | Jesamie D. Tiongco

Tutorial Support System Using Cakephp for Academic Edge Turorial Center

Ace Vincent E. Macaraeg | Romynic C. Nequinto | Aila Gayle G. Parasdas | Marilen M. Parungao

A Comparative Study of Basic VOIP Infrastructure setup between Proprietary Devices and Open-Source Tools

Pink Eva B. Cabero | Sarah C. Dumagan | Mariel Dione M. Robles

An Extended Caller ID Blocking of Asterisk Server for client Computers

Joselito Q. Debardo Jr. | Kennard Q. Kintanar

An improved Control Panel for NEC PBX

Arbie G. Basinillo

Assessment tool Software for the incoming Third Year Information Technology Students of the University of the Immaculate Conception

Francisco Juanito Y. Gonzales | Loren Angela Q. Quimbo

Discipline: Education

Class Scheduling System for UIC-ITE using Genetic Algorithm

Dwight Marcil S. Calimot | Jerdon P. De Francia

Developing a Mobile Application for SMS Privacy on Android OS

Klyde T. Camilo | Melanie L. Palmero

Developing a Web Builder through Node Based Approach

Rutchel Ann Doreen H. Moises | Kenmark Osler L. Ordiz

Developing a Web Proxy Server Application to Minimize Cross-Site Scripting attacks

Siegfried C. Capon | Johanah A. Maunda

Educational Video Search Engine of UIC-ITE Students

Paul John I. Jamio | Ronnie G. Villagracia Jr.

Effects of Game Application in Learning Computer Hardware and Software Technology

Evangeline B. Bicatulo | Frederick M. Liwag

Discipline: Education

Enhancement of Windows User Access Security using Multi-feature Face Detection and Recognition

Patrick Xavier M. Orquez | Johnson O. Sarin

Enhancing a 3D Game Experience by Simulating Human Reaction to Stimulus

Karl Christian L. Inte

Human Based Intruder Detection System Using Webcam and Matlab

Don M. Ramirez

Implementing an Environment Narrator for Visually Impaired Person using OpenCV

Aldrin S. Reyes | Laisa Vina Melne G. Rosette

Integrating Audio Codec Determination to Manage Bandwidth Fluctuation in Asterisk VoIP Server

Charmae P. Avellano | Shiela N. Bug-os | Archie A. Gayorgor

Position Locator via GPS using Open Street Map for Android OS

Kiara Fae Y. Jajalla | Lionel Kien A. Lariosa

Remote Management and Support Tool

Jose Mari Yu Cañon | Mary Lone Gypsy Dasig Legaspi

Security and File Privacy Management Application for Flash Drives

Mervyn G. Manlangit | Sil John Ve B. Prequencia

Simplifying Migration from Simple CSS/XHTML Website to Multiple WCMS Layout through Automated Conversion

Aiden A. Duaban | Dawn Angeli L. Melo

SMS Transmission via Wireless Fidelity Technology Using Symbian Mobile phone

Jean Rose O. Awanan | Dahlchie B. Banal

Strengths and Weaknesses of using the Current Phone System of UIC as bases for Proposed VOIP

James Carl H. Bernardo | Constant James S. Claro