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The Implementation of the Complexities of the Decision-Tree Learning Algorithm in the Game Whiz

Michelle L. Manreal | Carlo V. Mozo | Felcin Lynn J. Saludar

Discipline: Computer Science



The decision – tree learning algorithm was implemented by the researchers in the game called “game whiz”. During its implementation, the researchers were able to accomplish and test the algorithm on how it works in the game application in which the movements of the two Human players are recorded in the working memory (WM) or database upon playing the game. The Computer Player simulates all the moves of the two players; records it on the database, extracts possible winning moves and eliminates losing moves for winning the game. The winning moves are the patterns of the Computer Player for the winning game. The implemented decision - tree learning algorithm works properly and simulates the moves. The researchers found that the Computer Player does not always win in the game. The decision – tree learning algorithm role in the researchers’ study is to search for the best and probable move that players would make and win.