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Forecasting Rain Condition through Sensory Approach in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based Engineering Technique with SMS Reporting Application

Jerico Jay A. Arboleras | Rocky John R. Buenaflor

Discipline: Social Science



The main goal of this study was to develop an intelligent weather forecasting system using artificial intelligence study to give information or alerts to ever user about the weather condition, specifically rain. In the development of the study, the researchers used the exploratory research design. By using this kind of research design, it helped the researcher to conduct the study very well from gathering of information to implementation. As part of the course Computer Science, the researchers also emphasized the use of algorithms, specifically the Rete algorithm and Knowledge Based. The massive hardware for this study has been delimited; the researchers used HS-2000DD RH & Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor and a simple controller circuit in developing the prototype. The system uses Java Programming Language because of its reliable features and performance and Microsoft Visual Studio (VB6) for the SMS part because only the Microsoft has the complete libraries in order for the output to be generated.