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Implementation of a License Plate extraction application for Detecting over-speeding Vehicles with Combined Use of Sobel Edge Detection Method and Binarization Algorithm

Reis A. Senoy | Cristine Mae S. Subrader



In this study the proponents presented the implementation of License Plate Extraction Application for detecting Over-Speeding Vehicles with the combined use of Sobel Edge Detection Method and Binarization Algorithm. The purpose of this study was to identify easily the speed violators by extracting the vehicle’s license plate. The process on how the system will acquire the license plate of a vehicle and determines if it commits over-speeding may vary when a vehicle passes from the first camera and will be applied Sobel Edge Detection Method to identify the vehicle and a Binarization algorithm to extract its license plate; and will be stored to the temporary memory. Another extraction of plate number of a vehicle will happen after passing the second camera. This time, the extracted license plate from the second camera will look for a match to the stored data from the temporary memory. If match is found, then the speed of a vehicle will be determined through computing the distance between two cameras and the time that vehicle takes to pass the camera. In addition, the system prototype will need a digital camera with a frame speed of 30 frames per second which will be used in recording the simulation of running vehicles and the proponents will use Visual C++ and OpenCV applications in developing the system.