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Guards Scheduling System of FBR

Sherry Grace H. Pagaran | Jose Mari L. Dela Rosa | Mark Lloyd T. Macatumbas



The increasing demand for a scheduling application has led to the need for a structured and controlled approach to the engineering of such applications. This thesis deliberates on an application that creates schedule generation. Since the company, chosen by the proponents, the FBR Investigates Service, has a difficulty on creating schedules of their guards, the proponents come up with the objectives and aims to provide a simple yet useful scheduling system for their business processes. Scheduling System minimizes time spent on creating, publishing, and maintaining guards’ shift schedules. This study provides the information and tools for shift assignment of every guard to a client. It can view every guard’s availability and the details of his/her schedule. Auto-generate work schedules of guards and shifts for viewing purposes and anytime when needed. This paper presents a scheduling system that gives move power, more control and more flexibility to schedule guards – without spending a lot of time; no need to flip through pages of paper to see guards’ conflict schedules. The proponent aims to provide a means of easy-to-use user interface and powerful tools that make scheduling, editing information, analyzing data, and distributing schedules easy and simple.