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Lakan Pakals Haven Resort Services Management System with Online Reservation

Jason V. Deocampo | Aiza Loraine H. Mencidor | Gretyl S. Misoles | Rheena F. Rosales



This study was performed to provide better managing and monitoring service over multi-serviced companies like the Lakan Pakals Haven Resort and Restaurant. It is a challenge for the proponents to develop a system that would manage the services of a progressive company like the Lakan Pakals Haven Resort. The proponents aimed to automate the business processes of the company and integrate an Online Reservation System to cater those out bound customers who desire to stay and avail of the resort’s services. Consequently, it hopes to increase the company’s profitability, lessen the cost and speed up the transaction handling of the company. Evaluation results of the traditional system of reservation of Lakan Pakals Haven Resort reveal that it has to be improved to enhance its efficiency. With the help of the Online Reservation System, the company would now be able to cater those possible customers who are non businesspeople especially during peak seasons. The proponent’s two systems – The Resort Services Management System, significantly lessened the time required for handling business transactions while the Online Reservation system, makes the business the business competitive since Lakan Pakals can now advertise through the world wide web.