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Online Booking With SMS-Based Tracking System for MLRS Shipping Agency

Chamberlin V. Alonso | Daryl Kay M. Araneta | Gospel Jay T. Pocot | Erik John R. Salas

Discipline: Information Technology



In this paper, the proponents developed an application, entitled “Online Booking with SMS-Based tracking System”. The study’s main purpose was to improve the manual system of shipment records management and shipment monitoring of MLRS Shipping Agency. The company wanted to computerize their business processes and activities due to some difficulties in shipment monitoring and rendering of quality service to their clients. On the other hand, the proponents also wished to develop a system that would help the organization to advertise its services and to provide convenience upon reserving their shipments online as well as providing accurate information and speed up transaction processing. The proponents followed a methodology called “waterfall mode.” The first part of the model is the project identification where the proponents went to the office to observe and gather some data to fully understand their business operation. The proponents gathered important information and data by interviewing key persons in the company. The proponents also collected actual forms and documents which are currently used in the company’s operation. Throughout the research the proponents came up with a decision of developing a system that would solve the problems in managing shipment information of the current system. The proponents recommend further enhancements of the system particularly the component that handles online payment transaction.