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Records Management Information System with SMS Notification System

Dennies Claro | Karen Keith Libron | Ken Songcayauon | Joyce Masillones



Great Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines is one of the country’s leading and oldest Non-Life Insurance Company. It was formerly known as Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines and was incorporated on July 3, 1946. For how many years of service, more and more people have become their clients and for that reason the business transactions became slow to accommodate every client they have. At the present, they would still rely on the Microsoft Excel Applications for the storage of their data. In addition, for every client that the agencies have, that particular agency would send all those records of policies of their clients to the main office; all those records are re-encoded by their underwriter. At this case, they are having problem of sending their reports on time due to this. It took them two months to submit their reports to Manila branch. Due to these problems, the proponents were challenged to develop their Records Management System and Online Inquiry. Through the use of Web Engineering process model, the system was able to generate monthly reports on time. The proponents recommended that the system to be implemented not only in the Mindanao offices but also to Visayas and Luzon operations.