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Web Based Collaborative System F ITPO Interactive Solution

Noel G. Albello | Francis M. Albores | Ralph Purgatorio | Keivin Roi C. Tripoli



In the real world of handling projects in Information and Communication Technology, coordination is one of the most important and crucial approach as well as the focused phase by the professionals. Without this proper management, risk of project lost may increase and gradually this catastrophe may engulf the business itself. In order to decrease this risk, the proponents found a solution by developing a system that aids the collaboration of these professionals. This system keeps the information centralize and keep these professionals informed about their respective tasks. The proponents were guided by the following objectives: provide additional means of marketing for the company; minimize the project cost and speed up performance without jeopardizing quality; and reduce conflicts on requiring hierarchical referrals. The development of this system was based on the Web Engineering process model. The tools used are: PHP for serving scripting; MySQL for database management; and Java Script for client side scripting. The functionalities of this system include: Milestones; to-do-list; Progress Value; Share Files; Messaging Functionality; Writeboard; and Bulletin board. With this system study, the proponents has concluded that the collaboration of the IT professional can be possibly enhanced by using this Web Based Collaborative to complete the projects on its projected schedules. In order to improve the Collaboration System, the proponents recommend anyone for another study to improve the design and features. Specifically, the proponents would like to add these following features: 1. to allow more than one project manager in every projects of the system created; 2. and to add functionally for the Admin in order to rate the developers and customers.