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ZYCARE Pharmaceutical Distributor Inventory Control System

Arman Jack L. Alcoberes | Angeli Mae Basas | Karen Precious Y. Liwaya | Harvey T. Villaver



The proponents implemented the computerization of the manual Inventory System of Zycare Pharmaceutical Distributor. During the course of the study, the proponents were able to identify problems which occur in the current inventory system of the company. The proponents came up with an objective, to develop a computerized Inventory Control System that is highly needed by the company for accurate and efficient recording of daily products. In line with this, the proponents used the Classic Life cycle/Waterfall model. The researchers used this model to describe the stages in developing the recording of daily product Inventory of Zycare Pharmaceutical Company from an initial feasibility study through maintenance of the completed application. Out of the tests that were conducted, the proponents came up with solutions and one of it is to computerize all the transactions made for accurate monitoring and recording of products. It also allows the display of inventory and purchase order report. The proponents conclude that through the record and analyses presented, the Inventory Control System at Zycare Pharmaceutical Company should be computerized because it can help them increase their profits. Therefore, the proponents of this study encourage business owners to use and apply computerized Inventory Control System in order to achieve what are the aims of a business enthusiast and could help boost the economy in terms of employment.