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An Ajax-Based Hotel Management System Implementing Three-Tier Architecture Approach

Haniper John B. Camino | Ronald John C. Olalo | Dariza D. Salamo | Lemuel Dominique R. Yap



Hotels should plan for strategic significance for the convenience of the employees and for faster transaction. Automated reservation systems provide hotels with the most advanced way of dealing all the reservations and other transactions related to their business. It must also reduce time consumption and therefore cut off the hassle for the personnel in charge and also for the guests. When all of these factors will be attained by a certain hotel, it will gain popularity, greatly boost sales, and stand out with the other competing hotels. For the hotel to attain these successes and solve the common problems, a modern hotel management system should be used and at the same time take advantage of the internet to make online reservation systems. The purpose of this study is to gather data about the company and investigate its processes. By this, the proponents were able to find some alternative ways to solve the company’s problems. By making a centralized billing system, room management, and online reservation system, implementing online payments for the online reservation, creating data archiving of reservation and other transaction and to generate reports. This solution will assist the personnel-in-charge in the front desk in terms of fast transaction, secured data archiving, and generating fast sales report. The significance of the study is that the proponents were able to come up with an automated system that is also web-based for the Humberto’s hotel. The online reservation system is a useful tool for hotel managers as this could make their hotel competitive. However, this requires an automated system and centralized database to cater all the reservations quickly. Compared to a manual system, which uses handwork or some traditional ways of making reservations and transactions (which is very time consuming), an automated hotel management system can quickly finish all of these with just a few clicks.