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Entrance Examination Result Management System Using Xml Technology

Mike Jhonson B. Felisilda | Hervi Clyde V. Jardinel | Junerik O. Lopez | Prince Harry M. Narte | Rudy L. Uy Jr.



The University of the Immaculate Conception Enrollment flow is having some difficulties on pursuing the right and fast enrollment methods due to examination result calculation of stanine. The stanine is a step by step due process calculation that takes 15 minutes every student who partake the exam. A problem also exist concerning exams that are administered for outside Davao City because the staff has to travel back and forth in order to calculate the stanine and bring it back if it is already done. The admission also experienced having a problem using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word due to its saving profile capability. It is not sorted and sometimes files are being misplaced. The Methodology used was the Exploratory Research Design which focuses of exploratory research that will gain insights and familiarity for later investigation. The features of the system are adding students, edit, search, generates reports, convert raw score stanine, can be generate discount on RVM schools, special awards, High score stanine and earlybird. The system can add a student who is enrolled in the admission. Also it can be able to edit the profile or information of the said student inside the system. The function of searching is that the system can be able to search students who are enrolled and encoded through the system. In generating reports, the system can produce and filter reports, can also print some reports if in case the president would like to update the enrollment status in admission. The very heavy part of the system is the stanine calculator, because when the staff calculates stanine it takes almost 15 minutes just to have the result of the examinee, which is very time consuming for both parties. The system will also indicate who among the enrollees can avail the discounted tuition fee rate due to their high stanine grades.