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Implementing an Ajax-Based Fleet Management System with Zkoss Framework

Abzkan K. Abdul | Keith John M. Laquinon | Jenver Nell D. Puno | Vincent B. Venzal | Patrick John B. Yap



This study aimed to develop an online/offline fleet management system wherein the fleet is being managed as well the expenses. The system processed online and offline transactions that will improve their business and increase productivity as the company continually grows. Rodsy Marketing is a distribution company that markets merchandise, being the middleman between the manufacturer and retailer. Business industries encounter problems in terms with their business flow. It is now experiencing difficulties in maintaining and upgrading vehicles. Out of this problem, the proponents implemented an Ajax-Based Fleet Management System with Zkoss Framework that would help the current problems of the company. They discussed how much the proposed system will cost, how it will work, what benefits will the company must be obtained and especially the possible impacts that will occur to the company. After a series of testing and evaluation, the proponents concluded that the development of Fleet Management and Expense Monitoring System enables the company to improve their business transaction through maintaining the vehicles and monitoring the expenses as well as to eliminate time costs and to obtain information at lower costs.